Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today is my mother's 91st birthday.

She's been in heaven since October 1999, joined by my father not quite two years later.

It's hard to believe they've been gone that long. I still miss them greatly and think of them virtually every day. Even after this many years I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone and call them to share some news about us, or about our children or grandchildren.

My brother and I both lived a minimum of 300 miles away from them from the time we graduated from high school (except a few summers), I sometimes feel pain for how they must've felt isolated from their children. I wrote to them often, but wish I had phoned them more.

The unselfishness, love, generosity, prayers, affirmation, and Christ-centered values of my parents is an amazing legacy. I hope our children and grandchildren will be able to say the same of us.

Hope of eternal reunion is one of the most wonderful aspects of our Christian faith. My heart aches for those who lack that hope.

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Becky said...

Pastor Bill,

I was just thinking about my Grandpa yesterday. In December he would have been 91, he has been gone almost 2 years. I have the same regrets about not calling more and because of kids in the last few years not visiting more.

The house in Rudyard still sits empty. Waiting to be filled with as much laughter and love as it saw for so many years! The legacy of faith and love will echo for years because of my Grandparents. I hope the same can be said of me one day.

There is a great song, The Blessing by John Waller, I have tried to make that one of my "life songs"

Thanks for the post,

Becky Postma