Saturday, May 17, 2008

Silence is noisy.

While sitting in my eye doctor's examination chair, I was instructed to keep my eyes shut for a time while while she conducted a test to see how effectively tears were being produced (I flunked the test -- dry eyes are apparently another plague of the aging).

Sitting there in the dark silence for an interminable length of time (probably all of 3 or 4 minutes) I discovered sounds of which I had previously been unaware . . . such as the metronome-like ticking of a distant clock. Suddenly aware of this previously unnoticed sound, my foot began to tap in time.

I wonder how often I've sat in that chair and never heard the clock?

It occurred to me that my life is constantly filled with noise, movement, and business. Lost in it all are many sounds I never hear. Perhaps one of them is the quiet voice of God.


Tom said...

I too would have to question if I am to noisy myself or as you put it is there so much noise around me, that I don't hear (or won't listen) to the quiet voice of God.

I heard someone once told a friend of mind that they needed to stop talking so much-so that they could hear God's still, small voice.

Your post is a great reminder.

Ang said...


I think there's been too much of it here.

MAC5 said...

Yes I too find it erie sometimes to sit in silence. IT is amazing the sounds you can hear if you really listen.