Monday, October 06, 2008

Saturday Gloria and I saw the new movie, FIREPROOF.

It's unfortunate that most "Christian" movies struggle to compete with the quality of Hollywood's productions, but I perceive that recent years include more awareness and effort in that direction. There's still a ways to go!

Strong pro and con arguments could be produced for how overt the message should be to be effective in this culture. I think we stand to learn from Jesus whose parables often left His audience hanging to supply their own meaning and application.

These concerns not-with-standing, we enjoyed this movie. It certainly includes some much needed messages about marriage and life even if they are sometimes a bit too obvious and preachy.

I appreciated the powerful reminders about what it takes for a marriage to thrive. I would recommend it highly with the above disclaimers. People whose marriage is at risk may especially be helped, though every husband and wife could benefit.

The gospel is very clearly presented. That's great for those who are ready to hear. A more subtle approach would likely gain a much larger hearing.

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Ang said...

Glad you're blogging again, Dad.

Thanks for waving in my window a few times today. Sorry I couldn't come out for a hug :)