Thursday, February 19, 2009


David recently blogged about leadership and it so resonated with me that I made a "comment" which I'll post on my blog today (to the amazement of those who thought I must have gone into a nursing home without internet connection).

I so agree. Having been caught up in the "leadership movement" myself and more damaged than helped by it, I concur. The familiar mantra, "Everything rises and falls on leadership," leaves something out -- GOD! "Leadership" is one of many spiritual gifts, never exalted above the others in Scripture. I have seen gifted people ruined by the "leadership" movement, and I almost fired a GEM once because I thought he didn't measure up to the "leadership" koolaide I had been drinking.

God uses leaders and leadership, but great leadership can be a detriment as well as a blessing.

Hitler was a great leader. Not everything that "rises with leadership" is a good thing. A "great church" can be built on leadership, but it might not be a godly church.

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