Sunday, March 04, 2012

This weekend it was my privilege to teach on the first half of Daniel 9 -- Daniel's amazing prayer and confession of sin.

At the beginning of his prayer (Daniel 9:4)He praises God as "the great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant of love with all who love Him and obey His commands."

I am overwelmed with the concept of God’s COVENANT OF LOVE.

A covenant/contract defines the terms of a relationship. God’s covenant with His people flows out of His love. Everything God does for us is driven by love.

The parent-child relationship is an illustration of a covenant of love. Everything the parent does for the child is an expression of their love – not because the child has earned it or always deserves it, but because that’s what a parent does (though parents are imperfect so sometimes fail). A parent makes rules that the child may not like, understand, or agree with, but the rules are an expression of the parent’s love—to protect their child from harm. If the child disobeys, a parent will often discipline them. This may be painful and misunderstood but it is also an expression of love – to help the chilc.

Marriage is a covenant of love, in which both commit that everything they do from that day forward will be done because they love each other. Unfortunately, because we are sinners, we sometimes violate the covenant and act out of selfishness rather than love and the relationship is harmed.

God perfectly enacts His covenant of love. He is never selfish, but always loving. Everything He does flows out of His love. His commands and His discipline are expressions of His love. The Sabbath year and the command to tithe are expressions of His covenant of love. These are discussed in the sermon -- you can listen at (click resources, sermons, launch sermon player -- a few days delay before the messages are posted).

What is my responsibility in this covenant? It is to who love him and obey his commands. If I understand that everything God does is because He loves me, it would be foolish to do anything except to love Him and to obey Him.

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Jody said...

I just came from a Biblestudy tonight where we discussed and looked up scriptures and shared testimony to the goodness of God. As I read and thought of these two character qualities of God it raises the bar for my love and devotion being expressed back to Him, at the same time it detracts from any excuses I can toss out to not walk by faith. It is such an unbelievable that after many years of living and experiencing it firsthand still leaves me in a state of wonder. I feel like I have only scratched the surface of understanding God's great love to me. I am sure that is true too, since God's love has no beginning or end. To know that His love never fails me and always has my best interest at heart- even though I fall short time and time again is humbling more than I can put into words. That He reaches down to us, out of goodness and love, while we are still sinners and bears the scars on His own body for us is a wonder. And it was all a part of His plan. I have even been blessed to come to understanding that He somehow can even allow an overwhelming tragedy in life to be a gift and bring glory to Him, though I may never know why or how this side of Heaven. I trust Him as Lord and Savior, and I thank Him as Father and Friend. Oh that all could come to recognize and believe in the goodness of His covenant out of love! I look forward to listening to your message and hearing more of your thoughts. It has already been an encouragment to me. Our family continues to pray for you and the church body and CCS and how God is at work right now. May there be a peace and overwhelming sense that God is leading and working for the good of those who believe.