Sunday, January 06, 2013

Jesus' purpose and plan for the church • a loving family whose members are loyal to and take care of each other • a sheltering house where people share life and meet each other’s most basic needs • a holy temple where God lives with His people and receives their worship • a beautiful bride enjoying intimacy with Jesus, the Groom • a luscious garden providing beauty and nourishment for all who enter it • an intricate body whose diverse parts, directed by the Head, accomplish amazing things • a building under construction, founded on a Rock, facilitating collaborative and creative productivity • a vulnerable flock dependent on the leadership, protection, and care of its Shepherd • a holy nation illustrating how wonderful it is to live under the wise and loving rule of God • a royal priesthood representing God to the world and inviting the world to God • a global kingdom where King Jesus rules in righteousness, justice, wisdom, and love • a chosen people who live in covenant relationship with God and each other Who would not want to be part of a church like that?

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Boxley & Joyce said...

I love the dynamic when those I'm teaching are getting it and liking it and making on target comments. Going over the Five Solas this morning was like that. We were lost in the wonder of God's grace and our oh so great salvation!