Saturday, December 06, 2014

The BIG STORY OF THE BIBLE: The Bible contains many stories; but all the stories together make up ONE STORY . . . God’s story; the human story; the world’s story; my story, your story, everyone’s story; the story of which every other story is a part: The Bible is a story: Creation  Rebellion and Ruin  Redemption  Restoration Chapter #1: Creation: God made a perfect world. He made the first humans, Adam and Eve, in His own image, to rule and manage His perfect creation. They lived in perfect harmony with God, each other, and the entire creation. It was Paradise; heaven on earth! Everything was perfect! Chapter #2: Rebellion and Ruin: Created in God’s image, Adam and Eve had the capacity for moral self-determination—the ability to choose right or wrong, so their relationship with God was real, personal, dynamic, and intimate. They were not automatons, the original “Stepford People.” Adam and Eve chose to sin by breaking the one rule God gave them. Their sin of rebellion against God changed them, their yet-to-be-born descendants, and the entire creation. Everything was ruined. Now they were and we are broken people living in a broken world. The world is still beautiful but it is also very, very broken – filled with selfishness, injustice, poverty, violence, pain, tears, sickness, suffering, and death. Chapter #3: Redemption: God still loved His broken creatures so He PROMISED to send a RESCUER into the world who would REDEEM sinners and conquer death so they could be forgiven, made new, and given eternal life. Chapter #4: Restoration: God PROMISED that the Rescuer would ultimately RESTORE His ruined creation to its original perfection; that He would fix everything sin broke, banish sin and suffering, and create a wonderful and perfect new heaven and earth where His people will live forever in love, peace, prosperity, justice, health, and fulfilling creativity.

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