Friday, November 11, 2016


I am pro-life. I have not been as pro-life as I thought I was and professed to be. I am trying to become thoroughly and consistently pro-life as I attempt to listen, study, and think more deeply than I too often have in the past. God is the Author of life. Jesus came to give abundant life. The Bible is the most pro-life book in the world -- although it never clearly mentions abortion. A Biblical world view promotes a pro-life philosophy which is broad and all-encompassing.

There is lots of talk, especially around elections about whether or not someone is “pro-life.” Often the term is an abbreviation for being anti-abortion and anti-choice and in being in favor of the appointment of Supreme Court justices who will vote to reverse cases like Roe v. Wade.

While these are very important considerations central to a pro-life world view, they are only one part of it. Being pro-life is being FOR life – not only for life in contrast to death, but also for quality of life. Pro-life means promoting a good life, a life characterized by “Shalom” – peace, health, prosperity, freedom, etc. – what we all want for our grandchildren.

For example, to oppose human trafficking, is to be pro-life. To eliminate racism is to be pro-life. To address issues related to poverty is pro-life. To promote religious freedom and eliminate persecution are to be pro-life.

With regard to abortion, being truly pro-life goes beyond rhetoric and bumper-sticker slogans. It involves studying to find out what are the circumstances in our society which contribute to people feeling that abortion is their only option. In other words, what kind of things actually reduce the number of lives abruptly ended by abortion. What policies and supports would enable women to feel they could keep their child, or, if necessary, give them up for adoption rather than turning to abortion.

Of course, for followers of Jesus, being pro-life includes caring about life after death – about eternal life in the new earth where Jesus will fix everything sin broke and restore the whole creation to its original perfection. How could I claim to be pro-life and not want everyone to experience the love, hope, forgiveness, and eternal life Jesus’ offers because of His death and resurrection. How could I not want to spread Jesus’ teachings which at their core are to love God and to love your neighbor?

In the pursuit of saving lives by reducing the number of abortions, one must get beyond slogans to examine why Roe v Wade was approved by a conservative judges appointed by a conservative president. One must consider what kind of policies and legislation actually reduce the rate of abortions. Pro-life voting needs to reflect a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be truly pro-life.

Below is a long list of topics which are related to a pro-life world view. The list is not complete and is only suggestive. Each item deserves to be explained and fleshed out. To be truly pro-life is to care about these kinds of issues and to invest oneself and one’s resources to address the problems they represent which are anti-life. Voting pro-life is far more than addressing the very important issue of abortion. Voting pro-life means to vote for job creation, for quality education, for affordable and accessible health care, etc.

Please comment below and add other pro-life issues.

Areas related to a robust pro-life world view:

1. Abortion, 2. End of life – euthanasia, 3. Poverty, 4. Education, quality schools, 5. Affordable college, 6. Trade schools, 7. Preschool, 8. After school care, 9. Special education, 10. School meals, 11. Mental health, 12. Programs for handicapped, 13. Adoption-friendly laws and financial accessibility, 14. Foster care, 15. Child abuse, 16. Jobs, 17. Job training, 18. Workers’ rights/protection, 19. Family-sustaining wages, 20. Equal pay for women, 21. Affordable, accessible health care, 22. Affordable, accessible pre-natal care, 23. Medical research, 24. Supreme Court appointments, 25. Birth control accessibility, 26. Religious freedom, 27. Immigration, 28. Refugees, 29. Racism, 30. Anti-Semitism, 31. Hate speech, homophobia, 32. White supremacism, 33. Hate-mongering, 34. Climate change, 35. Tax policy, 36. Criminal justice issues, 37. Nationalism, 38. War, 39. Despotism, 40. Persecution, 41. Voting rights, 42. Sex trade, 43. Human trafficking, 44. Slavery, 45. Child labor, 46. Illegal Drugs, 47. Prison reform, 48. Re-entry help for ex-felons, 49. Hospitals, 50. “law and order,” 51. policing, 52. judicial system, 53. affordable housing, 54. mortgage rates, 55. bullying, 56. social security, 57. Medicare, 58. Medicaid, 59. Interest rates, 60. Energy issues, 61. Transportation, 62. Buses, 63. Sidewalks, 64. Bike paths, 65. Parks, 66. playgrounds, 67. COLA, 68. Senior care, 69. Home health care, 70. Nursing homes, 71. Freedom of speech/press, 72. Access to shopping, 73. Affordable car insurance, 74. Help for single parents, 75. Food pantries, trucks, 76. Clothes closets, 77. Organizations and ministries addressing poverty, 78. Community development, 79. Access to technology and the internet,

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