Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Day with a Perfect Stranger

Last year I read a short book by David Gregory entitled, DINNER WITH A PERFECT STRANGER. It was a very engaging story (a short, easy read) about a businessman who received an invitation to have dinner with Jesus of Nazareth at an Italian restaurant. Interesting that Jesus ordered wine. Does that catch your interest?

I liked the book so well I've given away more than a dozen copies -- especially to those who might be seeking God and truth but struggle with some of the classic (and very difficult) objections to the Christian faith or have been exposed to offensive caricatures of Christianity.

Don't be fooled if the idea sounds a bit cheesy. The book will surprise you.

Tonight I finished reading A DAY WITH A PERFECT STRANGER. It's a continuation of the original story, but this time the wife of the man who had dinner with Jesus has a remarkable conversation with "Jay" while crossing the country on an airplane.

If someone "hates religion," they just might enjoy spending a day with this perfect stranger.

I recommend it...for a fresh reminder of what it means to enter into a relationship with God and as a unoffensive gift to share with someone who might be seeking more than they know.

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