Friday, April 20, 2007

I dreamed last night that our church was located near a large university campus and that I needed to come up with a sermon title targeting the incoming students.

I thought of "Fitting God Into Your Class Schedule," but then realized that God is not be to be "fit" into anything. He FILLS EVERYTHING.

Herein lies a good deal of my problem. I want to fit God into my life -- making Him another important element along with the others I have selected for myself. God will not be "fit" into anything. Either He fills it or He does not fit at all.

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Jody said...

Which, I believe, is precisely why there are billions of people living "empty" lives in this world. They are seeking their fill with the wrong things...and yet God stands ready and waiting to 'pour out Himself' abundance even!, and yet people aren't willing to give up the things of this world. It's one of Satan'schemes- to make us think that we can be more on our own, or with our jobs, or other relationships, or with a certain salary or kind of car, or by doing good things for others and feeling a sense of see where I'm going with this. =)
But, you are right. I tell myself over and over again, "I am nothing without Christ". He longs to be our all in all, and when a person comes to realize that, we find freedom and begin to live life. I think of the words, "...and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace." I thank God that He has shown me mercy, and allows me to live a life that demands Him to be my all in all- because there is nothing on earth that compares. I feel humbled and blessed that I can find God or feel Him and sense Him through every aspect of my day. I truly couldn't live my life the way I do without His grace and strength. Every single day.
My one regret would be that I felt, for so long, that I had to fit God into my schedule out of duty. I had a faith and believed in God because I knew the Bible told me so. But through trials and heartache, I now believe and have a faith and live it because God is real, and because of His mercies, I owe Him my everything. Thank you for your thoughts here, which jumpstarted mine. =)